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Siach   שִׂי"חַ 

The ultimate Stuttering Solution
in Israel


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Siach  (שִׂיחַ חָפְשִׁי (שִׂי"חַ

The Ultimate Stuttering Solution in Israel


How was Siach developed?

About twenty years ago, Daniel (pseudonym), a bachelor in his thirties - an intelligent man with great personal charm - sought treatment from the Jerusalem Clinical Psychologist Gabriel Strenger. The reason for his application was his severe stuttering which he suffered from since childhood and had affected all areas of his life - especially his professional advancement and his ability to develop a stable love relationship.

Before seeking psychological treatment, he underwent several treatments by speech therapists, but to no avail. His hope was that in-depth psychotherapy might help him to discover the emotional difficulties or repressed childhood traumas related to the problem of stuttering. After hesitation, Strenger accepted Daniel for therapy, after making it clear to him that he had no experience in this matter, and that he doubted whether psychological therapy could help.

Following Daniel's insistence, their joint work began, which included the intuitive use of tools that Strenger had acquired in addition to his psychotherapeutic tools: voice development (diaphragmatic breathing and the correct use of the vocal cords), Kundalini Yoga, and a unique form of Jewish meditation that Strenger developed at that time. Looking back, the fact that Strenger speaks five languages ​​also contributed to the formation of the method.

The therapeutic work resulted in a breakthrough that amazed both the patient and the therapist: within a few weeks, Daniel was able to converse in the clinic with a completely normal speech flow. Within two months, he felt comfortable speaking in ever-expanding social circles - in his work, where he began to make presentations to discussion teams, and in a developing couple relationship.

Over the years, Strenger refined and standardized his unique treatment method, combining tools from different fields of knowledge. Siach (Siach Hofshi - "Fluent Speech”) keeps helping people opening up new avenues of communication with the world. 




Application and Registration

• Register for Siach by calling us or by filling out the online form, and we will make you an appointement for an intake meeting.

• The treatments are carried out at Gabriel Strenger's clinic in the Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem.

• Men and women of the age 18 and above can apply to our program.

• Applicants are accepted according to the order of registration.

What is Siach 


Stuttering affects 1% of the adult population in Israel, impairing many stutterers' quality of life by affecting their communication effeciency in personal, social and professional settings.

Siach (acronym for "Siach Hofshi" - "Fluent Speech”) is an innovative treatment method for stuttering, developed by Israeli Clinical Psychologist Gabriel Strenger. Besides his regular psychotherapeutic work, Strenger devotes part of his time at his clinic in the heart of Jerusalem to the treatment of stutterers of varying degrees who turn to him for help.

Gabriel Strenger is a personal and couple therapist, licensed for hypnosis and EMDR therapy. He underwent ten years of voice training and leads meditation workshops in Israel and Europe.

How does Siach work...?

The Siach method combines tools from Hypnosis, Voice Training, Meditation, and Psychoanalysis. The treatment plan includes seven therapy sessions lasting about 90 minutes with psychologist Gabriel Strenger, and practice assignments to be performed between sessions.

The first meeting is an assessment session, at the end of which the therapist decides if the applicant can be admitted to the treatment program. 


What are the sucess rates?

The great majority of the Siach-Graduates achieve a fluent level of speech and experience a dramatic increase in the quality of their personal, social and professional lives. In fact, for most of them the stuttering disappeared completely.

* Please take note: Treatment efficiency requires the client's active particiaption in the meetings with the theapist and the performance of the pratice assignements between the sessions.

For further infos and registration,

please contact us:


Phone: 052-3466781

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