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Where is God?

Sandra Gold | DE 2022 | 105 min
With: Süleymann Wolf Bahn, Veronika Elisabeth Schmitt, Gabriel Strenger, Doris Zölls
Filmstart in Germany: 16.12.2022


We accompany four bridge builders from Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. They tell their stories from the beginning to the present day. The focus is on love: how did they learn to love themselves and others? All four want to pass on the deeply human experiences that they have had on their path in life and let us participate in an existential process that is so universal that everyone can find themselves in it. »A documentary film that also offers atheists opportunities to connect... Although one can use less biased terms for the word God: love, for example, or feeling oneself. Or the feeling that there is something bigger than yourself. Basically everything that has nothing to do with the material world, with competition, with making money or with your own ego.«


Jewish Meditation: Characteristics, Practice and its Relationship with Eastern Meditation Traditions

Gabriel Strenger in an interview with Brother David Damberg from the Benedictine City Monastery, Hanover (December 2022)

New Podcast (German)

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