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Interfaith Dialogue

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Judaism and Islam   


Judaism and Christianity  


Spirituality in the Jewish-Moslem Encounter:
Themes, Personalities and Developments

(German Edition)

This monography focuses on the surprising convergence of  Sufi Spiritual Islamic writing (as Elghazali, Ibn Arabi and Said Nursi) and the Jewish heritage of Kabbalah and Hassidism. Thus it provides the renewing dialogue between religious Jews and Moslems with a theoretical and experiential  foundation.

Ordering of the German Edition:

Telefon: 07433 / 9095-50.


The publication of the English and Hebrew editions of this book are planned for 2023.

In German:

An interreligious talk with Cardinal Koch und Rabbi David Rosen on the Chrisitan-Jewish Relations 50 years after the declaration "Nostra Aetate".

The talk took place in the year 2015 in der Great Synagoge of the Jewish Community  (IGB) in Basel, Switzerland.

Moderation: Gabriel Strenger

Hebrew Lecture on Christian Theology:

מכת יהודית לדת עולמית: גבי שטרנגר מציג מבט לא שגרתי על היווצרות הדת הנצרות

ההרצאה נישאה בשנת 2022 בפני רבנים ורבניות "עמיתי בליקלה", מוסדות אור תורה, אפרת 

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