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Jewish Spirituality - PDF (German)

This book presents an examination of Judaism from the standpoint of the spiritual development of the individual. After an introduction into jewish spirituality, the author analyzes all week sections of the Torah for their spiritual content. This is followed by in-depth treatises on all Jewish holidays. Strenger goes on the trail of the great spiritual subject areas, such as the diversity of the experience of God or the world-historical vocation of the people of Israel, without avoiding difficult subjects as the relationshop of religion and violence in the old and modern age. Two appendices, the mystical Sefirot doctrine and a paradigmatic model of Judaism, complete the work.

The author draws from the treasures of the Talmud, Jewish mysticism and Hasidism, but also from psychoanalysis and existential philosophy, thus creating a fruitful synthesis.

This book adresses people with an interest in the Hebrew Bible, Jewish life and experience, as well in spirituality in general.

"With its impressive variety of topics, this work stimulates further reflection."

Dr. Gabriel Cohn, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Jewish Spirituality - PDF (German)

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