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Gabriel Strenger-Home

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 Welcome to my website, the home for a variety of my intellectual and spiritual passions: Torah, Jewish mysticism, Hassidism and Interreligious Dialogue, as well as Psychoanalysis, Archetypal Psychology, Meditation and Spiritual Music. 

  The common root of my various occupations is symbolically represented by the home my family and I adopted for ourselves: Jerusalem (Jeru-Shalem - literally: «You will see peace completion»). 

I give humbly grace to the Eternal for the chance given to me to share some of my work with you  on this platform!

    Enjoy your visit here and savor the various free offers in this site, such as Papers, Lectures and Spiritual Chanting and Music. 

 In addition this website provides you with the opportunity to purchase my Books and Music-CDs.

All this is just a mouse-click away!




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