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Biography and Activities


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Judaism & Spirituality



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Gabriel Strenger (*1965), born and raised in Basle (Switzerland), lives with his family and children in Jerusalem (Israel). He studied at various Talmud academies, graduated in Clinical Psychology (M.A., 1993) as well as in Jewish and General Philosophy (B.A., 1990) at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He graduated in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Psychoanalytic Institute in Jerusalem (1999) and is a licensed Hypnotist and EMDR practitioner. He is a senior individual and couple psychotherapist with a private practice in Jerusalem and teaches Psychotherapy at the Magid Institute (Hebrew University).


Gabriel lectures on Hassidism and Jewish spirituality and teaches Jewish Meditation in Israel, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. He is the referent for Judaism and Spirituality of the “Stuttgart Foundation for Interreligious Dialogue” and participates regularly in interreligious encounters in Germany.
Over the last 30 years he has performed as a cantor in communities and Synagogues in Israel and Europe and has participated in music events of various kinds. He integrates spiritual singing/chanting in his seminars and published two music CDs of Jewish Soul music.
Gabriel published various books on Judaism and Spirituality in Hebrew and German. His latest German book, "Spirituality in the Jewish-Moslem Encounter" will be published in English later this year.


Clinical psychologist in private practice in Jerusalem

(Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French)


  • Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • Hypnosis

  • EMDR - Trauma Therapy

  • Couple Therapy

  • Lecturer in psychotherapy at the Magid Institute (Hebrew University)

  • Former Clinical Director of "Children's Town", Jerusalem

  • Teacher of Jewish Spirituality, Kabbalah, Neo-Hassidism and Jewish Meditation in Jerusalem

  • Specializing in teaching "Sefat-Emet"

  • book author



In Germany

  • Consultant for Judaism and Spirituality at the Stuttgart Lehrhaus Foundation for  Interreligious Dialogue

  • Lecturer at the following institutes:

  • Stuttgarter Lehrhaus, Stuttgart

  • Katholisches Bildungshaus, Singen

  • Evangelische Akademie, Bad Boll

  • Meditationszentrum «Neumühle»,
    Tünsdorf (Saarland)

  • u.a.

In Switzerland

  • Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich (ICZ)

  • Zürcher Institut für Interreligösen Dialog (ZIID)

  • Lassallehaus, Bad-Schönbrunn

  • ZentrumRanft, Flüeli-Ranft

  • u.a.

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